Hera Black Cushion | Review

Hey yall! Recently, the HERA black cushion has been really popular in Korea! I have also watched countless reviews on the Black Cushion and majority of the Korean Youtubers were praising this baby countlessly. Naturally, I was also drawn into the hype of this Black Cushion and hence I bought it. (I mean goddess Jun Ji Hyun endorsed it as well, how to not love this cushion?) I have used it pretty often and I have my opinion on it, so if you’re interested in my review on this, please keep on reading!





The case is very simplistic in black and gold case. Personally, I love this case because it just looked so classy and chic, with the top being black with some tiny glitters all over (you have to look at it closely) and the gold “HERA”. The bottom half of the cushion is gold. However, it isn’t too gold, but rather a “cool-toned” gold (If you get what I mean).





I tried to wash the puff as cleanly as I could! But as you can see, the puff is very different from the typical blue cushion! Not only the colour of the cushion is different, it also has a different material and texture to it! The puff is actually pretty thick and it feels extremely smooth! It is very fluffy when pressed! It feels like dough somehow! It actually feels very similar to the Etude House All Day Perfect Cushion’s puff!

The reverse side of this puff is black and it has Hera’s logo embossed all over it. I’m in love with mini details that HERA placed when making this cushion! Thumbs up!





As you can see, it is your typical cushion where it is the soft sponge material, different from the latest cushion materials like the Laneige or those tension pacts from Missha.

However, there is also the HERA logo embossed on the cushion itself!! I REALLY LOVE DETAILS LIKE THIS!! It just made the cushion look a whole lot cooler though it was already cool as heck by its case!

By now, only judging the cushion by its appearance, this HERA cushion has got me swooning over it and I just love it so much!!!!!

Claims:  taken from http://www.hera.com/kr/en/product/make-up/black-cushion-21.html 

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 9.35.32 pm.png


Now comes the performance of the cushion.

Firstly, the scent: It smells pretty good and has a little fragrance to it. Personally, it smells something similar to Laneige’s cushion. But it was not overbearing and the scent does not linger when applying this cushion onto my face.



This cushion’s formula is pretty thick hence, when applied, if you do happen to apply alot of it, it does not give you that “no makeup” look, but rather “I AM WEARING MAKEUP” look. So I would not recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cushion that looks natural on the skin.



I would say that the coverage of this cushion is on the medium to full coverage, leaning towards the medium more. But you can easily apply another layer onto those areas where more coverage is needed! But this cushion generally provides a better coverage than other cushions I have tried so far (I think this is why the formula is slightly thicker as well)


Pore Coverage: 

This covers my pores amazingly! It does cover them well and it looks good!


Skin Adherence: 

This does adhere to my skin well! I tried applying this on with Skinfood Wedge Puff, but I would say that this cushion performs best when applied with the puff that came with it! The dough-like puff makes the foundation to adhere onto my skin better and it “retains” the coverage a little better so I really do love this puff!



As they claimed, the cushion sets to a semi-matte! So i do recommend to set it with a powder or a fixing spray if you are living in a hot and humid country like I do to allow your makeup to last longer!



The coverage did not fade as quickly as some other foundations I have even after a few hours! It holds up pretty well in this hot and humid weather! It also does not separate with my oil when it comes through! So regarding this aspect, the longevity is good! (If anything holds up in this disgusting weather, I am sure it will work in cooler climates). This does not wear off badly, my skin looks glowy when my oils come through, but nothing a blot can’t fix!

I had this cushion on for at least 12 hours, and it did not fade off or anything!

*However do note that everyone’s skin is different and also the skintype and our climate makes a huge difference as to how the cushion will perform. I have oily skin type and I am living in Singapore, a hot and humid country where people in Southeast Asia will generally be able to understand how shitty this weather is.*

I have already accepted the fact that foundations will always wear off to a certain extent in these hot and humid climate, plus my oily skin makes everything WORSE.. 


The cushion disappointed me in this aspect sadly. Due to it’s thick formula, this accentuated my smile lines so badly, I was shock to see myself in the mirror because I looked like a grandma with that accentuated smile lines. I do have pretty deep smile lines so any foundation will settle into them but so far I have not encountered a foundation that accentuated them as bad as this cushion did. (Although I do remember that the Etude House’s Double Lasting Foundation also did accentuate it pretty badly as well, which is why i could not love it as much as others do) I guess I will have to do some baking at my smile lines when using this foundation and use a better setting powder or apply a lesser amount on my smile lines to combat this.

*Update: I have tried putting basically none along my smile lines, and it does not crease there! So imo, this formula does accentuate fine lines if applied too much at that specific area, so I suggest you to be a little light handed when applying to areas with fine lines and you’re good to go!*


Due to all the good reviews I have seen by Korean Youtubers, some even claiming that this is their holy grail cushion, I had great expectations of this cushion hence, I was even more disappointed with it when I experienced one of the worst creasing situation I ever had.

Hence, overall, I would say everything about this cushion is great except for the serious creasing ON ME. (it defers individually!) But I would say this cushion is great for those who wants a higher coverage cushion! It will probably work best with normal/ combi skin or people with less deep smile lines that me (just put lesser on fine lines). The actual longevity is pretty good, it holds up well, it is just that the creasing in my smile lines is making me a little hesitant!


I hope that you have enjoyed reading my review on the HERA black cushion! I hoped that this was helpful! Have a great day/ night ahead peonies!! ❤

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